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22 Jul 2024

Do Muslims Believe in the Same God as Christianity?

Islam and Christianity are both monotheistic religions, which means that they both believe in one God. The name of the god of Islam is Allah, and the God of Christianity has revealed Himself as “I AM.” Christianity believes that I AM is the unique, all-powerful,…

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Did Jesus Have Siblings?

According to the testimony of the New Testament authors, Jesus was born of a virgin woman named Mary as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit. He was raised by His mother and His earthly father, Joseph. Scripture is clear that Mary remained…

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Who Wrote the Bible?

The Bible was written over a span of more than 1,500 years on three continents by more than 40 authors who were directed by God to record His Word. Thus, the Bible has both human and divine authorship. Second Peter 1:20-21 makes it clear “that…

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God's existence

How do We Know that God Exists?

In the modern world, it is often hard to know what is true. Many people claim that truth is completely relative and that every individual determines what is true for themselves. But the question of the existence of God cannot be relative. He either exists…

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